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Welcome to my meet the Horses page
Here i have decided to introduce you to our wonderful Horses and tell you a little about them.
so here goes.....
Reef is a Beautiful Fresian stallion.
he is 7 years old now and owned by my Daughter Mari.
she rides him whenever she has the time and shows him in hand.
He is so laid back and such a gentleman.
IMG_3527  IMG_3611
Bella is a beautiful Welsh D mare.
she is 4 years old and about to have her first foal in 2 weeks time.
she is a stroppy and pushy mare, who thinks everything is below her, including humans.
but a very pretty and showy little madam.
We think she is possibly welsh x but not sure.
Tinks was a rescue Pony who had suffered terrible abuse.
she is roughly 35ish years old now and a sweetheart.
we've owned her for the past 9 years, she lives a peaceful retired life with her friend Blue.
Bo is a 4 year old Welsh section D.
He hasn't always been a cutie, but he is settling down as he gets older,
having him Gelded was the turning point for this young man.
Rosie is a welsh section D and is 1 year old in April 2017
she is a typical chestnut mare with attitude and then some.
another Bella in the making we think.
she has been adopted by Roma who is a wonderful mum.
rosieroma and rosie
Blue is a 30 year old Hackney Stallion.
He is possibly the oldest living Hackney in the uk.
he was a driving horse in his younger days, but has been retired for quite a while now and lives with his girlfriend Tinkerbell.
Tess the dog also noted.
blue blue 2
Lad is a 9 year old pacer/trotter
He hasn't done much over the years due to a fractured leg, but is now being lightly ridden.
he is almost semi retired.
Roma is an 13 year old Elite ST premium Oldenburg mare.
she has been a Brood mare all her life due to a foot injury.
Bruce is one of her offspring, and we are expecting a Foal sired by the famous Desperados in April.
Baby Rosie in the background.
Bruce is a 2 year old Oldenburg premium Colt out of Roma.
He is only a baby and has yet to develop his own personality.
we are hoping that he will make a good dressage horse when he's older.
Crumpet is a 7 year old welsh section A pony
full of fun and loads of character, he is on loan to a little girl called Becky as we didn't have anyone small enough to ride him and bring him on.
He is just simply a dude.
crumpet  crumpet1
Sunny is a heinz variety possibly New forest x.
He is on loan to a wonderful lady called Kaye.
He is 24 this year and still a complete unstoppable whizzer.
he has been a sweetheart all through the 21 years we have owned him.


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